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Lawn Care Services for Barrie, Midhurst & Thornton

Lawn Care Services for Barrie, Midhurst & Thornton

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Services in Barrie, Midhurst & Thornton Ontario

Quality Lawn Care and Snow Removal.

Serving Barrie including Midhurst & Thornton, and Surrounding Area

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People keep coming back for our lawn mowing, gardening and lawn care programs.

Looking for Lawn Care Service ?

Service is always number one with GLC Property Care. Our lawn Maintenance & grass cutting is the best in Ontario. Providing the most comprehensive property care service. Specializing in Kentucky Blue Grass and Tall fescues. We utilize lawn fertilizing programs, liquid or dry fertilizer treatments effectively. We create a healthy lawn and bring out those dark blue green colors.
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Their lawn care service is the best in Barrie. Always on time, our lawn looks great !, very helpful with our questions. Overall very satisfied.
Cathy R.. From Barrie Ontario Canada
Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Looking for Gardening Services ?

Staying on top of your landscaping with creative garden creation and maintenance. Weekly and biweekly weed pulling and perennial care. We have your spring and fall cleanup looked after. All of your shrubs will be properly trimmed, perennials cut back, and annuals pulled. If needed we can supply all your garden fertilizing needs from natural bone meal, to sheep manure or long lasting granular fertilizers.
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They do a wonderful job on the perennial gardens. We have over a acre of sprawling Daylilies, Lilacs, Roses and more. They keep gardens neatly manicured all season long. So far so good 👍
Roy P.. From Barrie Ontario Canada
Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Looking for Property Cleanups ?

Always available for Spring and Fall Clean-Ups, Eavestrough Cleaning on low roof only. We also give the option of taking all waist away with option Debris Removal, Large-Quantity Leaf Removal, Hauling & Clipping Leaves mainly outdoor stuff... sometimes with exceptions
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Looking for Snow Removal ?

We are dedicated to making sure you get out in the morning. We are a small but effective snow removal service in North Barrie & Midhurst. Our clients have all kinds of great things to say about how reliable we are.
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“ The most accurate snow removal service I have ever had. They offer fair price for snow removal that is provided on time, all the time. We have used them for 8 years straight, they never miss a day and are always early to remove the snow. ”
Barry M.. From Barrie Ontario Canada

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

ABOUT GLCPropertyCare

Key features of our company


We use the right equipment
Your property deserves the best ! So thats what we give it. All of our equipment is new, and very well maintained.


We are Reliable
We value your time . So when we say we are going to be their we mean it.


We are the best value
Lowest industry standard rates. Professional, reliable help at the best price on lawn care in Barrie and Midhurst.


We are there when you need us
Contact us anytime if you have any question at all.


Lawn Care Service

Our lawn care service will surpass all your expectations. Perfect lines, sharp blades, clean equipment, marked trucks, employees in uniform. Your lawn will be the best in the neighborhood.

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Perfect Dark Green Lawns

Lawn Care Service For Barrie, Midhurst & Thornton Ontario

Properly managed lawns in Barrie Ontario
Lawn care & Lawn mowing in Midhurst Ontario
Commercial Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing for Barrie, Midhurst & Thornton Ontario
Lawn care & Lawn Mowing in Thonrton Ontario
Lawn Care for Barrie, Midhurst & Thornton Ontario

Our Guarantee

“ I personally guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled with the quality of our lawn care service and the professionalism of my well-trained team. Every service comes with my personal iron-clad, risk-free guarantee. What does this mean? Simply this… if you aren't happy with our work, I will do whatever it takes to make it right…. Nothing is more important to me than your complete and total satisfaction.” – James Beuthling


Our Service Area 🍃

We serve Barrie Ontario, Midhurst Ontario & Thornton Ontario  and surrounding areas